Ferratum Business becomes CapitalBox

Ferratum Business becomes CapitalBox

Why are we rebranding, the story.

Ferratum Group started offering SME Loans in Sweden 5 years ago, and it was a simple trial of a completely new product and business approach. The company was already very successful with consumer loans on 25 markets and was very busy expanding its portfolio of products within the existing target group. Nevertheless, the decision of launching the Ferratum Business was made along with allocating a dedicated team to grow it.

5 years, 5 more markets later, SME Lending products provide more than 12% of the Ferratum Group revenue and have become one of the growth drivers for the whole company. Ferratum Business also become one of the fastest-growing, non-banking lender operating in continental EU. At this stage, to emphasize the focus on SME Lending, Ferratum Group decided to apply separate branding to it’s Business Lending Loans.

The new brand name, Capital Box, clearly states the mission of the Business Lending Division. Our goal is to provide a safe financial space and working capital for SMEs around the world and support them in their efforts to grow faster and in a more sustainable way.

The decision to separate the consumer and business brand will not only introduce more clarity to potential customers but will also support a further and faster expansion of the business products portfolio. Under the new brand, very soon, CapitalBox starts offering new financial products that will still provide the same exceptional customer experience though fully digital customer journey and fast approval process. CapitalBox will keep on changing the way SMEs access financial products, making the SMEs, the backbone of the world economy, stronger than ever.

How will this affect the partner portal?

This change will not affect the partner portal, all links are automatically redirected to the new domain. Your user name and password will not change. In case you have forgotten your credentials you can reset your password at this link: https://www.capitalbox.uk/partner/password-recovery

I am a partner and have an affiliate link on my web site to direct trafict to you, will I need a new updated link?

Our affiliate links will work after the rebranding, we still recommend that you update our logo and any other details that might mention Ferratum Business.

What is the new address for invoices?

The business entity will not change, only our logo and the brand changes. Everything else stays the same so you will continue to use the same address for invoices.

What is the VAT number for CapitalBox?

The VAT number doesn't change, you will continue to use the same legal entity as before.

To whom will I be invoicing, what are the invoicing details?

The legal entity remains the same at this point, only trade mark changes. So please continue to use the same invoicing details as before.

Do I need to change Ferratum Business logo's that I use on my website?

Yes, you should change it to CapitalBox on April 10th or as soon as possible after it. Ferratum Business won't be used anymore, so it might confuse your visitors and negatively impact conversion rates and your commissions. Please contact our support if you haven't got a new CapitalBox logo from your account manager. 

Will Rollover clients expect to see a different name on their contract?

The trade mark will be new CapitalBox, but everything else will remain as it was.

Do contracts sold as Ferratum Business still count for the monthly partner results?

Absolutely yes.

What new products can I expect?

We can assure you that those will remain focused on supporting SME growth. We'll share the details a bit later.

Does the new set up affect my API?

No, the new set up does not affect your API, it will continue working as before and you don't need to do anything about it.

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