5 Reasons Customer Service Is Vital To Your Business

From drones to AI to 3-D printing and mobile apps, every day it seems there are new inventions and solutions which push the limits of what we thought imaginable.

When technology is at its most useful, it can simplify and improve the way we run our company and the way we do business.


As a business owner, it´s important to stay on top of new tools and solutions that allow you to automate and run your business more efficiently. However, while tech provides the opportunity to run your business smoother, the one thing you as a business owner can´t afford to do is replace or skimp on customer care.


Here are five reasons why customer service is vital to your business:


1. What It Says About Your Company ​

The way a company treats its customers speaks volumes and provides insights into the company at large.


Do you make it easy for your customers to contact you to get help? It should be clear to the customer how they can contact your company for support. However, many companies make it difficult for customers to connect with them and, instead, have an FAQ page attempting to answer every possible concern a customer may have. What does this message say to the customers?


FAQs are great but they can´t be the only means of customer support. Additionally, by only providing an FAQ, companies you miss out on valuable feedback from their customers. The feedback you can obtain from your customers can help you gain insights about your customer´s needs and how to improve your products.


If the service you provide leaves a sour taste in the mouth of your customers, this will most certainly result in the loss of trust in your company and your products.


2. Creating A Memorable Experience

It is important that make the right impression with your customers. Is your customer service warm and friendly? Are you able to resolve your customers´ issues? Do you ensure that your customers feel understood and valued?


Making the right impression with your customers is invaluable. By providing an excellent customer service experience, your customers will have a positive lasting impression and a positive association with your company.


3. Happy Customers = Returning Customers 

Statistics show that sales are more likely to come from existing customers. In fact, Gartner Group statistics say that 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers. 


This is because it´s easier to sell your services or to existing, satisfied customers since a relationship of trust and reliability has already been established.


4. Reputation and Circle of Influence

Just a single customer review of your company on Facebook or another social media platform, can greatly impact your company – positively or negatively.


Customer reviews help strengthen or weaken a company´s brand. People listen to what their friends or family says about a company, product, and service. Therefore, in addition to the customer making the purchase or using your services, you are also, essentially, promoting your company to their circle of influence.


When a customer receives excellent service, they are more likely to increase their loyalty to your company. This, of course, also means more sales and steadier projections.


5. Genuine Care For The Customer

It´s not called Customer Care for no reason. Literally, your business should provide care for its customers. After all, what good is a business without customers?


At CapitalBox, we understand that people matter. Our mission is to provide the best, fastest, and most easy-to-use lending services using the latest technology to make your financing your business as simple and convenient as possible. That´s why at CapitalBox we offer customer support 24-7. That´s right - whenever you need us, we´re always here to help.


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