4 Tech Tools Every Restaurant, Café, Food Truck, and Street Food Vendor Should Be Using

If you´re a market vendor or owner of a restaurant, café, or food truck, you´ve, no doubt, seen how mobile devices, gadgets and apps have made running a small business easier than ever.

Right now, there are several tech trends revolutionising the food industry. Being the start of a new year, now is the time to incorporate these tools in your small or medium business to take things to the next level.


Below we explore four tech tools you need to incorporate into your food business today:


  1. The New Home Delivery


When it comes convenience and choice, food delivery services like Foodora have taken things to the next level. Wolt is another amazing app, currently in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, helps you find the best meals in your city which can then either be delivered to you or ready for you to pick up.


Don´t feel like cooking tonight? Raining during lunch? Can´t leave the office? Thai, Italian, Chinese or whatever cuisine you feel like, find the restaurant through the app, select your items, make your payment, and your order will be delivered to your home or office soon after.


In an article for Invest Stockholm, Miki Kussi, founder of Wolt,

said “Digitalisation will change how we build new cities. But I’m not a huge believer in everything changing overnight,” he says. “People are still going to go to restaurants. And services will still function around the cities, cities won’t function around services. It’s not radical.”

Having your restaurant or café added to a delivery service can expose your business to hundreds or thousands of new customers.


Can your business link up with a food delivery service and take advantage of this trend?


  1. Order On The Spot From Your Phone


Apps like PEJ (currently only in Sweden) are streamlining ordering, paying, and dining at restaurants and cafes.


No waiting in line, no waiting for someone to take your order, simply find a seat, make a note of your table number, open up the app, choose the items you wish to order, and make your payment. Minutes later, your food and drinks will be delivered to your table.


How can your food business simplify ordering and efficiency?


  1. Business Loans When You Really Need Them


When time is money, what business owners have the time to go to their bank to apply for a loan, and then spend the next hour standing in line before completing pages of paperwork?


If you´re expanding your business, ordering produce, paying employees, or marketing your restaurant, you need working capital.


With Ferratum Business, you can apply for a business loan online without even leaving your restaurant, café, or food truck. Applications take just minutes to complete and no paperwork is required. Once approved, you get the working capital you need within one day.


Could a business loan help you make ends meet or help take things to the next level?


  1. Check-Out Anywhere


POS (point of sale) apps such as iZettle and Square have made processing transactions not just possible but also simple.


If you run a food truck or you´re a food vendor at a flea market or music festival, POS apps are a dream come true, allowing you to run your business and take payments anywhere, anytime.


After placing food orders at your stand or van, or dining at your restaurant, customers just swipe their debit card in a card reader and finalise the transaction through the app on their smartphone or tablet.


Are you taking advantage of these tools in your small business?