Account Score Support

Is using Account Score safe?

Firstly, Account Score uses bank-level security – uses rigorously tested software and security systems. As a customer of CapitalBox, you are in complete control of whom you share your data with. You decide what information companies can access and for how long. No one gets access unless you say so.  

Are regulated? are regulated by the FCA. To provide Open Banking service, have to comply with the strict rules of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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Who are are partners of CapitalBox and have been chosen by us to provide third party read only access to our customer’s bank transaction data. They are regulated by the FCA and provide our clients with a secure place to share their transaction data. also provide you with access to their portal which will allow you to see what data has been shared, allows you to control access to your data and also allows you to revoke access at any time.

How do I know I can trust is registered with, and regulated by, the FCA in order to act as an Account Information Service Provider. This enables to offer their services to CapitalBox customers through the Open Banking scheme. FCA registration number is 792642.

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Will I be charged for using this service?

No, it is completely free for all CapitalBox customers.

Can I opt out of this at a later date after I have connected my bank account?

CapitalBox customers can opt-out of Open Banking services at any time they wish through the website or mobile app or through their bank/building society. Either way, when access is revoked, it will mean that and any services you previously granted access to, will no longer be able to view your information.

How does connect with my bank account?

If CapitalBox customer banks with one of the following banks will connect to his account directly using Open Banking APIs.

  • Lloyds
  • Bank of Scotland
  • RBS
  • Natwest
  • Barclays
  • Santander
  • Nationwide
  • Ulster
  • HSBC
  • M&S
  • First Direct
  • First Trust

Open Banking APIs are made available to us by CapitalBox customer bank under the new Open Banking regulations. Open Banking is regulated, monitored and built on the principles of GDPR.

Extra protection – by using a regulated Open Banking service CapitalBox customer bank or building society will pay his money back if fraudulent payments are made. CapitalBox customer is also protected by data protection laws and the Financial Ombudsman Service.

What does do? provide a secure and encrypted service that enables them to have ‘read-only’ access to your business’s bank statements. Just like CapitalBox would, if you sent us a paper/ pdf copies of your statements, but without the hassle! will connect to your business bank account safely and securely and will also provide you with a portal which can be used to see what information and others have accessed.

How do I control who has access to my bank data? will only be able to access your business account information if they have your explicit consent to do so. Through the website or mobile app you will be able to manage and control access to your data directly via your profile.

How do I know I can trust to verify my bank account? is registered with, and regulated by, the FCA in order to offer their service through Open Banking. FCA registration number is 792642

How can I be sure that is secure? is required to meet certain strict criteria to be registered with the FCA. They also have to comply with the security standards that underpin Open Banking. The security of customer information is top priority. As a client of CapitalBox, your information is always safe and secure

Why have CapitalBox asked for your internet business banking details? use your internet banking details to report on your company’s financial position, commitments and creditworthiness based on its bank transaction data for the purpose of assessing affordability and ensuring responsible lending decisions.

How is CapitalBox customer data kept safe within use the same 256-bit encryption and physical security that banks use. Nobody can ever see your banking details and they are immediately encrypted. are only permitted ‘read-only’ access. This means CapitalBox can only see its customer bank transactions and nobody can make any changes or payments using customer details.

Will it affect my credit file?

Providing your online banking details so CapitalBox can review your company’s transactions will not leave a footprint on your credit file.