Business loans with CapitalBox

The faster and easier way to get a business loan so your business can grow.
  • Easy online application
  • Flexible repayment
  • No collateral

Business loans £2,000 - £50,000

With CapitalBox business financing you can buy new equipment, hire new employees, increase inventory, or expand the physical business.


  • Loan application in minutes.
  • No paperwork.
  • Application approval within one business day.
  • Loan period based on your needs - up to 18 months.
  • Flexible repayment options.
  • No extra cost if you pay the loan back early.
  • No hidden fees
  • No collateral – Only personal guarantee.
  • Loan decision based on your entire business – not just numbers.


This is how the CapitalBox loan works

Apply for the business loan in minutes

Tell us about yourself and your company - and how much you want to borrow for your business.

Get an offer for the business loan

Review your monthly invoice and interest rate with advice from our talented loan advisors and get a quote.

Monthly billing

Our business loans are invoiced in fixed monthly payments in equal amounts installments.

Accept our business loan offer

Get a good business loan with no security and with the first repayment after 30 days.

Small business loans

Loans up to £50,000 for your business, quickly and easily. Whether it’s vendors who need to be paid, inventory, or leasing equipment, get the working capital you need to run your business. Complete a business loan application online and get an answer within minutes.


Complete transparency

Doing business is easier when trust is established. With all our business loans, what you see is what you get. Fixed monthly repayments and no end-of-month obligations. Pay only for what you use with no hidden costs or prepayment penalties.


Loan decisions based on your cash flow

We strive to say yes when others say no. We review your business loan application based on your cash flow situation, not your credit score only.


Personal service

Our professional loan counselors are always ready to help you if you have questions about our loans to companies.


Business loans without collateral

Ferratum's business loan is without security - only personal liability


Why choose a CapitalBox loan?

CapitalBox provides owners of small and medium-sized businesses with the working capital they need - when they need it.

You should choose a business loan from CapitalBox because we, with the best technology and well-trained loan counselors, are able to approve businesses faster and more often.

The business loan is taken up without the required collateral or cumbersome paperwork.

Can I receive a business loan?

You can take out a business loan if your business is:

Operation and legal form

Your business has been in operation for more than 12 months and is not a sole proprietorship.


Your company earns at least £75,000 in annual turnover.


All owners of your company are the United Kingdom based.

Bank account

You have a dedicated business bank account.

Physical presence

You have a physical business presence in the United Kingdom.

Who are our customers?

We offer business loans to businesses across the country, and we help both small and medium-sized businesses to borrow money for development and maintenance of the business.

CapitalBox helps both newer companies - and those with many years in business. A business loan from CapitalBox makes it possible among other things to buy new equipment, hire new employees, increase inventory or expand the physical business.

We provide business loans for all industries, including:

Construction industry

At CapitalBox, we know that the construction industry is particularly affected by fluctuations, where income can vary greatly in periods. We also know that getting paid for services can go slow.

Therefore, we have extensive experience in helping companies in the construction industry to maintain good business with our corporate loans.

ferratum business planning
Retail and wholesale trade

With the business loan from CapitalBox, we have helped many different companies in the retail and wholesale business with capital for purchasing goods and maintaining their business.

warehouse manager
Restaurant/ Catering

CapitalBox helps small and medium companies in the restaurant industry keep the refrigerators filled with fresh products. In addition, our corporate loans make it possible to cover additional expenses for personnel, leasing or new purchases of kitchen equipment.


CapitalBox's corporate loans allow companies in the cleaning industry to buy new cleaning supplies and machines. Our business loans make it possible to purchase anything from high-pressure washers, window cleaning systems, ordinary vacuum cleaners and wet vacuum cleaners, floor coaters, floor washing and drying machines to wooden floors,
tile floors and carpets.

Read more about industries we service here

Want to know more about our business loans?

We support transparency, but questions will often arise when considering the admission of a business loan. Do you have questions about our business loans - or do you want to know more about your options? Our skilled loan counselors are ready to help you from applying to managing your account - so you get the most out of your working capital.

Contact us for a non-committal talk about our business loan

Contact us so we can put together an offer on a company loan that can help you develop your business. Call us every weekday between
at 9:00-17:00 - or send us an email that we will reply within 12 hours.

Send us an email at

Do you want a business loan from CapitalBox?

Our customers range widely and we have experience advising and helping various different industries. We can also help your company with a corporate loan

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